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5 Tips for Successfully Launching Digital Signage

August 2, 2021

A successful and sustainable digital signage program takes a solid game plan.

Here are 5 tips for launching digital signage to help you strategize and start out strong.

1. Identify Digital Signage Goals 

Not only will these goals keep things simple and organized while you get started, but your goals are also a foundational piece of your digital signage strategy. 

These goals start out by ensuring everyone gets on board with the purpose for implementation at the get-go. Then, they’ll help you think through your digital signage game plan – like your specific audience(s) and the content you’ll find, create, and display. Goals will especially be helpful reminders in a few months when you are looking for fresh ideas to mix it up, yet still want to stay the course.

Some top goals for digital signage include: 

Check out our GOAL-SETTING WORKSHEET in the Launch Guide below!
Includes additional questions and areas to consider when setting your digital signage goals.


2. Create a Content Plan

As with most things, quality content is everything!

Content is essential and having a plan for where/how the content will be generated is another pivotal piece of what makes digital signage (DS)sustainable and successful. 

Start with your goals in mind. List it all out – including a mix of bigger campaign needs and smaller, everyday ideas. From that list, select the top ten themes of content that fit your goals and prioritize them for your DS content. 

3. Delgate -or- Divide + Conquer

Name a point person or form a team to make digital signage magic happen.

The output and results of your digital signage program are only as good as the work put in. An individual or team committed to your digital signage content updates are instrumental to your consistency and the quality output. Here are some questions to help you consider supportive team members.

Who are your content experts?

HR, marketing, customer support, engineering…every company is different. 

Who has the capacity and the necessary strengths? 

Updates take time. Look at time availability alongside strengths of followthrough and fresh perspective.

Who has a good handle on your culture and/or your customer needs? 

Be it someone leading the charge with initiatives or someone with their ear to the ground on news, trends & happenings, content that inspires, motivates, and answers questions or concerns, is the key to engagement. 

4. Keep it Fresh! Block Off Dedicated Time

Sure, Markey is relatively D.I.Y. and super simple –– however, digital signage is not a set-it-and-forget-it communication tactic. 

We cannot stress this point enough. Doing everything you can to create this content plan and keeping it dynamic and ever-changing is essential! 

Time dedication and management by you/your team will pay off exponentially in the end. Block off increments of time on your calendar monthly or weekly to fit your program needs. Then, make the most of the scheduling tool within MarkeyDS to select date ranges for one time or repeating content for your playlist(s)or channel(s). 

5. Measure the Results

Remember that goal you set? Time to come back around to it and determine exactly what success looks like. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measurements used to gauge long-term performance.

Digital signage KPI possibilities: 


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