Welcome to a better workweek.

A bit more fun. A lot more conversation & impact with digital signage for teams.

Your team & culture deserve the best.

Which is why we’ve designed Markey digital signage to be simple to setup and run with.


Amazon Fire TV Stick


Markey account

Top places for digital displays @ work

Every workplace and space is different. Where does your team hangout?

The beauty of Markey is the ability to start conversations and get your walls talking pretty much anywhere. Hangout spaces, work areas, coffee stations, lobbies. You name it. Well, except bathrooms – we draw the line there. Sorry, not sorry.

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Keep it fresh

Looks cool. But, what do we put on it?

While the cost investment to getting your Markey digital signage up and running is super budget-friendly, we find many teams trip up on  what to put on their screens after the novelty of it all wears off. Having a plan at the beginning can make all the difference.

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How it all works

The techy side of Markey is nothing to be afraid of. We make it super easy & convenient by combining our user-friendly editor with every day devices, like Amazon Fire products & Chromebits/boxes.

And, if you EVER have a question or issue, our  support team is just a click or call away – no headaches or wait times.

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