Better content. Less effort.

Great digital signage content makes a difference. But, CONSISTENCY in your updates are what makes your display great.

Good thing Markey now has you covered.

Introducing Markey Content

We’ve experienced it too – consistent content updates can be a real struggle.

Which is why we’re thrilled to share we’re developing a growing library of slides, imagery, video and more to help you make your digital signage evolve from good to GREAT!

Calendar Callouts

Celebrate every day with slides that feature the big and the little reasons to do so. Many of the slides are gifs too – which makes this content eye-catching and FUN!

Better yet, all these slides are FREE for Markey users.

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“Nudge” Wellness Videos

Quick tips for action around your wellness – focused on the range of physical, mental, financial, environmental, social and more.

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Team Building

A mix of quotes, conversation starters, memes and more supporting better communication, relationship building and great teamwork.

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Markey digital signage content is great for:

Gap Filler

Get rid of those gaps and keep your viewers entertained. This content is super helpful as occasional filler content in between your own unique slides and posts.

Weekly / daily Updates

Ease your workload and worries. MarkeyDS has your content needs covered.

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Your better workweek starts now. No contracts or credit card required.

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