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Black Forest Pub & Grille

August 30, 2021

Digital Signage for Restaurants / Bar & Grills

The Black Forest Pub & Grille in Northeastern Wisconsin, gives Markey a full four stars for ease of updates and supporting the needs of their small business.

“The Black Forest offers nightly menu features, and Markey allows us the opportunity to promote the features and other restaurant news. We can show sales on merchandise, or remind our customers that gift certificates make great gifts.”

“Sometimes we run out of our feature mid-dinner, and I can quickly remove it,” says Biro. “Or we finish one soup du jour and start another. I can quickly update the screen.”

As a business in a small community, Black Forest likes to support community events. The restaurant simply doesn’t have the space to hang information for every event, but Markey allows them to share these events with their customers without the clutter. They just scan the flyers and have them rotate through on their digital signage.

A display region for community “flyers” and events has been a great way to promote local happenings without the clutter.

Heather likes how they can connect with their customers. “If we know about someone’s birthday or anniversary, we can put it on the Markey.” It’s something that takes only a little effort on restaurant’s end, but as Heather says, “It makes a big impression on those customers because they feel special!”

Markey is an amazing communication tool with a design that strengthens and supports our small business brand image.

Heather Biro, Owner – Black Forest Pub & Grille

Try Markey for yourself and see how your team and business can benefit from digital signage you can update from anywhere.