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Bridging the “Great Departmental Divide”

May 3, 2019

Tension. Almost every business has it. Sometimes it can be a necessary piece to motivating team members and get us where we need to go. Other times, it can drive wedges between colleagues and cause stagnation if communication isn’t flowing.

Physical separation

At Markey, we call this the Great Departmental Divide. When departments aren’t working together, cliques can very quickly form. Sales vs. Service. Design vs. Programming. Wait Staff vs. Kitchen Staff. Of course, we can go on and on. But when our own teams are pitted against each other, it can often come down to lack of communication due to lack of interaction.

At the Markey offices, our creative team is on a completely different floor than our development team. Since these “departments” are physically separated, it’s not uncommon for team members on each floor to go a few days without even seeing each other. Much less having a conversation. Thankfully, we’ve got a method to share updates and team communication across all departments with digital signs.

Go where the Team is

From our lobby, to our cafe, to our other huddle spaces around the building, we’re leveraging our digital signs to pour our messaging to different teams throughout the day with repeated exposure. This way, sales can communicate what awesome new users we have this week. Creative can showcase the latest layouts for Markey channels. Developers can humble-brag that a small tweak has lead to easier photo uploads for everyone.

It’s a great way to empower our team to share their wins, ask their questions, and explore their ideas without the need to send an email or make sure people are checking their Slack notifications.

Want to bridge your own Departmental Divide? Might we suggest Markey Digital Signage to visualize your culture? You can even sign up for a free account without the need of a credit card, just to give it a whirl! Or, of course, hit us up if you need more information or have questions.