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Drexel Building Supply

August 8, 2017

We love hearing from our clients about why they love Markey Digital Signage. Stacey Stoffel, Marketing and Outreach Leader at Drexel Building Supply, has been using Markey for years in all of their locations to better communicate with customers as well as with team members.

Stacey was looking for a way to freshen up the showrooms at all Drexel locations, while being able to quickly and easily communicate to their customers and team. “We launched two screens at one of our locations first and ran them for four weeks to evaluate how effective it was. After the four week test it was clear that it was a great solution for all of our locations. We then moved forward to have them installed at all of our stores.”

There’s a key approach to how Drexel uses Markey: It’s for customers AND team members. But it’s not the same message for both audiences. Stacey recognizes what needs to be shared with customers is about engaging with a captive audience. “I feel like the best place to catch our customers is when they’re in our store. They’re making that purchase decision or evaluating a certain product, it’s a great opportunity for us to share product knowledge with them, make it a little more interactive and not just be a standard sign. We share upcoming product news, our branding, competitive pricing and promotions to our customers at every single one of our locations.”

Markey Digital Signage is also a great way for Drexel Building Supply to engage their team members. With a strong internal branding campaign, Stacey is serving up connection points for her fellow team members. “We have a second set of screens in all of our lunch rooms where we communicate birthdays, anniversaries, exciting events happening with our team and store goals. It’s become a true constant and immediate way to celebrate with our team.”

While many companies share that information in emails or newsletters, Stacey wanted something more dynamic for Drexel. “What Markey does is present information to our team on their time, when they want to look at it. I’m not filling their inbox with another email every single week. It’s something they can catch as they walk through or eat lunch. It brings our team culture to life.”

Just how easy is it to update digital signage with Markey? Stacey finds it’s not only simple, it’s also saving costs. “As a small company, I have a lot of hats that I wear at work. Markey makes my job as a marketing and outreach leader really easy for me to communicate with our team quickly, easily and efficiently. I can login, make a few clicks and then see it updated immediately. Our signage costs at Drexel are going to go down significantly because we can easily update these signs without having to go to a printer.”

All in all, Stacey says that using Markey Digital Signage at Drexel Building Supply locations keeps them ahead of their competition. “We’re a lumber yard. When you walk into a lumber yard showroom, you expect to see some lumber. Maybe some cabinets and flooring. But to actually see something digital has really taken us a step further and set us aside from our competition. It’s keeping us a step ahead of those around us, and making our experience for our customers one step better.”

And isn’t that what matters most?

Markey has become a true constant and immediate way to celebrate with our team.

Stacey Stoffel, Marketing and Outreach Leader – Drexel Building Supply

This Success Story was originally published on August 8, 2017. Since then, Stacey Stoffel has moved on to a new career outside of Drexel Building Supply. Drexel continues to utilize Markey Digital Signage.

Try Markey for yourself and see how your team and business can benefit from digital signage you can update from anywhere.