- My MarkeyDS app is Blank / Frozen / Weird -


If your Amazon Fire TV device is displaying a blank screen, an error or seems to be frozen; the first thing we always recommend is restarting the device. Here are some quick tips on how to easily power cycle, or restart your device from Amazon:

Remote short-cut
Press and hold the Select  and Play/Pause  buttons at the same time, for about five seconds.

Remote through menu
Or, press the Home  button once and navigate to select Settings > Device > Restart from the Fire TV menu

Physical restart
Disconnect the power cord (from the back of the device or from the power outlet), and then plug it back in.

If you’re still having issues after a device restart, see this help page from Amazon with additional troubleshooting tips. It’s also important to note some TVs come with a USB port. It may be tempting to use that to power your Fire TV Stick, but Amazon does not recommend this since the USB port on the TV most likely won’t provide enough power to the device, resulting in performance issues.

If you’re still having issues getting your MarkeyDS app to run correctly on your Amazon Fire TV device, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help out!