- Prevent My Display from Cutting Off Content -

Hardware Setup

If you’re noticing your content getting cut off around the edges of your TV screen, you most likely need to make a simple adjustment to your television’s picture size. Every TV is a little bit different, but here are some steps that should hopefully point you in the right direction.

  1. Open your Settings menu on your TV either by a Settings or Menu button on your TV’s remote control
  2. Find a section for Picture Settings or something similar
  3. Within Picture Settings, look for something called Picture Size or Aspect Ratio or something along those lines. There will be options within that setting called “Zoom” / “16:9” / “Wide” and things like that.
    • Some manufacturers will hide this under another section called “Advanced Options” or similar
  4. Set the Picture Size to the option that’s labeled either “1:1” / “Just Scan” / “Screen Fit” or another option that sounds like those
    • If you’re unsure, select one and see if it shrinks the content so it’s no longer cutoff. If not, go¬† back into the settings and try another option.

And that should do it! If you’re still unsure, try a Google search with your TV’s make and model and the term “overscan setting” to see how to adjust.