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Slow down: Improve your communication.

April 21, 2021

In the busyness of the workweek, we TOTALLY get it –– it feels really good to get those to-do’s knocked off the list and move onto the next tasks in cue. (Yup, we’ve got some major achiever types on our team too!)

Yes, we’re cheering you on as you move forward with progress and goals at work.
We’d like to nudge you toward doing that work with a bit more intention on the quality of communication and team work.

This week’s nudge: Slow down/pause by stepping away from your keyboard.

For more support on pausing before responding, also check out Harvard Business Review’s article on the 4 C’s of effective communication.

To help you inspire and support you/your team in the pursuit of a better workweek:

Download the slide below to add to your Markey digital signage.

Nudge inspiration / source: Forbes.com; 15 Easy Ways To Improve Communication Between Team Members And Clients