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Stick to the Essentials

May 22, 2019
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Let’s paint a picture of what happens to so many teams when trying to “have it all.” Considering our team at Markey, we’ve got bug reports that need to get squashed, feature requests we need to weigh, branding adjustments to make sure we’re true to who we are, marketing evaluations to get in front of new and current fans, helping our team members feel the balance between work load and driving impact, and so much more.

When trying to juggle and balance all of this, how might teams be able to focus on what truly matters?

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Some of our team members are in the middle of reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. In his book, McKeown takes the readers through the “Way of the Essentialist” by means of doing less, but better.

The book begins by providing a road map of where McKeown is going to take us and the mindset we should be in as we go through the book. Starting with the debunking of myths that have been perpetuated for decades, centuries even. Things like being “busy” is a sign of success and that there’s some ideal state of being where “we can have it all.” Greg even gives a keynote that’s all about the “Glorification of the Busy.”

In Practice

Rather than throwing yet another thing at you to have to remember as you’re going through your day-to-day, the approach of this book is truly working towards a different way of doing everything. Instead of just throwing some concepts out there to ponder and figure out a way to apply them to your needs, McKeown then dives into tangible ways to see results. As well as some excellent real-world examples for how implementation of Essentialism impacted businesses large and small.

It’s not just about the theory, and it’s not even just about the execution, from McKeown’s writings, it’s all about the practice. Working on the Essentialist mindset and staying as aware as possible of the spaces you’re putting yourself in, the opportunity to think, all in service of growth and priority.

Less is More

It’s a cliché for a reason, right? Less is more. This is true in our lives as is indicated by the book and philosophy of Greg McKeown. And it’s also true in what’s going on your digital signage. When you’re thinking about how to update your channel, try to avoid clutter and over-stimulation. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. Keep it essential.

Try a channel layout that only has a handful of regions, or heck, even just one region. See how your team reacts to very strategic and pointed messaging on a day-by-day basis. Find ways to practice your “disciplined pursuit of less” when crafting your internal communication for your team. Share messaging to help them focus on the essentials.

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