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- Markey is better than a wavy tube guy. -

The Holiday Automotive Story

" All in all, Markey has stepped up our game and improved the customer experience for thousands of Holiday Automotive guests. "

-Joe Truesdale, Digital Marketing Specialist

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

We think MarkeyDS can help businesses, but our customers are the best at telling you exactly how we have helped their business. Joe Truesdale, Holiday Automotive Digital Marketing Specialist, understands what their customers want when they come in for service. “At Holiday, we avoid excess clutter wherever possible.” Paper flyers, posters, and other signage made their messages and offers confusing and overwhelming. “When trying to find a way to keep our Holiday campaign messaging top of mind at the point of sale, we knew we had to go with a digital solution to maintain a unified, easily understood message. So we turned to MarkeyDS and couldn’t be happier.”

“When a guest comes into any of our four service centers, they can quickly and easily get the low-down on our current offers on tires, brakes and more. Then, when their service advisor discusses what is needed for their vehicle, the customer can see the savings and value in the services that are being recommended right on the Markey.”

Markey is a speedy way to update and change marketing campaigns. “In the automotive world, offers and specials come through hot and fast from vehicle manufacturers, and it’s vital for us to keep those up to date and accurate every time there’s a change. It’s not any more difficult than uploading a photo to Facebook or sending an email.”

The service department can work together with the sales department and give Holiday customers all the information they need. Even messaging that they didn’t know they needed. “There can be times when someone is in for service and discover that their current vehicle is too expensive to repair. Markey has shown them new car options that at the time make more sense.”

Wavy tube guys and large gorillas are “attention-getting” but Holiday wanted more. “All in all, Markey has stepped up our game and improved the customer experience for thousands of Holiday Automotive guests.”

Favorite Markey ds feature(s):

  • Easy Updates
  • Organized Marketing Materials