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Reminder: It’s Always About People

September 23, 2021

These days connecting with our coworkers, friends and family, let alone strangers, may look & feel a lot different with remote work, masking of smiles (has anyone else noticed the tremendous increase in lack of eye contact, etc while out shopping these days?!?), and social distancing.

While all of this is essential to ensuring the health, safety, comfort of everyone’s well-being, some intentional efforts to CONNECT to those around us is really important right now. These efforts can go a long way to helping us remember what’s most important in our day-to-day. PEOPLE!

So, where does Markey Digital Signage come in to play here?

With a little bit of planning and coordination, Markey Digital Signage can help connect people. Here’s a few ways to apply to your customer outreach and/or workplace culture and communications:

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