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What should I put on my digital sign?

July 5, 2019

It’s a question that a lot of our users hit us with: “I have my account, but what the heck should I put on my digital sign?” Thankfully, we have lots of great examples that you can use to create your signage and enhance your culture. Take a look at some of the best uses we’ve seen for Markey and if you have an example worth sharing, let us know!

Inspire & motivate your team

We all hit walls where we’ve gotten to the end of our rope, drained of energy, and just need that extra bit of reassurance that we’ve got this. Even just a small word of encouragement through a thoughtful quotation or an inspiring image can help kickstart a second or third wind for your team to find their next gear.

Here are some image slides a few different companies have used to reassure and reconfirm with their teammates that they’re doing awesome work.

“Trickle Down Effect”

One of the most popular small-talk topics is, of course, the weather. It’s a cliche that talking about the weather is an ice-breaker to get a conversation going with a colleague or teammate. But it’s a cliche for a reason, because it’s true! Everyone wants to know what the weather is, and what it’s going to be when they pack up for the day. By putting the temperature and/or a weather radar map on your Markey, you’re getting folks’ attention to check Markey for the weather and then they absorb the additional messaging you’re putting out there. AKA: The Trickle Down Effect.

Other “Trickle Down” widgets to try out are Date & Time, Stock Ticker, and Quote of the Day. See which widget(s) create a buzz and conversation among your team.

Celebrations Big & Small

Don’t forget to celebrate! You and your team work hard and do amazing things. Take a moment to share when something awesome happens: A big project launches. Closing a big month. Sharon’s birthday. Positive customer reviews. National and regional holidays. The list goes on and on. No celebration is too small. When you and your team feel success, it can continue to grow exponentially and become infectious and creating a culture of #winning.

Welcome Visitors

If you’ve got clients or visitors coming through your doors, consider sharing a welcome message on your Markey. It can tickle their senses and make them feel like a valued guest. Every time we toss out a personalized, “Welcome!” slide via the Image or Text widget, we get great reactions from our guests. Whether that’s prospects coming through for a sales meeting, a school field trip group of students, or even friends and family of team members. Everyone loves and appreciates feeling welcome in your space.

Agendas and Timelines

Markey is great about sharing information to your team on their schedule, rather than yours. Which can make it super impactful to help your team feel a sense of ownership and autonomy over the schedules throughout the day. With one of Markey’s latest Pro widgets, you can embed a Google Calendar to communicate what’s schedule when and where. Consider including a calendar of birthdays and work anniversaries, shifts and days off, meetings and more.

When the calendar is constantly being seen in common areas and breakrooms, it helps your team retain the status of the day rather than only when they remember to pull open their calendar at their desk. And, even better when it’s an automated calendar, right?

Now that you’ve got some fuel for your creations, learn how to create your own slides with some easy to use and free online tools.

Don’t have a Markey account yet to visualize your culture for your team? Then, go on ahead and sign up for a free Markey account to get started!