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Reminder: It’s Always About People

These days connecting with our coworkers, friends and family, let alone strangers, may look & feel a lot different with remote work, masking of smiles (has anyone else noticed the tremendous increase in lack of eye contact, etc while out shopping these days?!?), and social distancing. While all of this is essential to ensuring the […]

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Better Workweek Nudge: Be with your family

We spend a lot of time in work mode and it can be tough to really unplug from it all. Especially with many individuals still working from home. The stresses, deadlines, ideas, passions, to-do’s – you name it – carry over and impact how we show up for those we love most. This week’s better workweek nudge: […]

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Slow down: Improve your communication.

In the busyness of the workweek, we TOTALLY get it –– it feels really good to get those to-do’s knocked off the list and move onto the next tasks in cue. (Yup, we’ve got some major achiever types on our team too!) Yes, we’re cheering you on as you move forward with progress and goals at […]

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Think on Paper

This week’s better workweek nudge: THINK ON PAPER! The proof is in the pudding – putting pen to paper works! One study reports you are 42 percent more likely to achieve goals if you write them down. So, what are you waiting for?Whether it be your to-do list for the week, career goals, a summer fun […]

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Fresh Air for Better Workdays

This week’s better workweek nudge: GET OUTSIDE! Be it a morning walk, lunch time bike ride, evening grill-out, or quickly stepping out your front door for a breath of fresh air as a brain break, time outdoors can support balance and productivity. Studies show that spending more time in nature eases stress and can even help sharpen your […]

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Take Your Work Breaks to the Next Level

This week’s better workweek nudge encourages you to try something new the next time you’re exhausted and having a hard time focusing. This Fast Company article on “5 ways to boost your focus, even for short periods of time” covers some great tips on how to improve your focus and energy during your work day. […]

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