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October 2020 Calendar Content

The days are getting shorter, the air has turned brisk, and colorful leaves are falling all around us. What a great time of year! We present to you the following October calendar highlights: PRO-TIP: To add these slides to your Markey, copy the links below the images and paste them into a new Remote Image […]

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September 2020 Calendar Content for Digital Signage

At a time with a lot of uncertainities and stress around “Back to School,” let’s focus our energy on some of the more certain things –– like finding support and inspiration this fall. As we roll into harvest month, we present to you the following calendar highlights: PRO-TIP: To add these slides to your Markey, copy […]

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August Calendar Callout Content for Markey Digital Signage

And just like that it’s August. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the hottest time of the year. Often referenced as the ‘Dog Days’ of Summer… But, have you ever stopped to think or look up why we reference this time of the year as such? Until now, we hadn’t either! And after some […]

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July Calendar Callout Content for Markey Digital Signage

As you ponder the month of July – one of the sunniest, HOTTEST months of the year (in the midwest at least!) – what comes to mind for you? 💥 Fireworks 🍉 Picnics & yummy summer foods 🏖 Fun in the sun on the beach 🏕 Camping and cool night campfires🦟 Speaking of which, did anyone […]

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Why you should always say ‘good morning’ to your coworkers…

Every team has it’s own dynamics, but a quick google search and you’ll find numerous articles and reasons why developing the habit of sharing a simple greeting with your team can make a big difference. It’s basic manners It humanizes coworkers It’s welcoming It makes everyone feel valued It’s quick It’s free It reduces awkwardness […]

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What should I put on my digital sign?

It’s a question that a lot of our users hit us with: “I have my account, but what the heck should I put on my digital sign?” Thankfully, we have lots of great examples that you can use to create your signage and enhance your culture. Take a look at some of the best uses […]

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Black Forest Pub & Grille

We think there’s a lot to brag about with Markey Digital Signage, and so do our users. Heather Biro, owner of The Black Forest Pub & Grille in Northeastern Wisconsin, gives Markey a full four stars. “The Black Forest offers nightly menu features, and Markey allows us the opportunity to promote the features and other […]

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Stop procrastinating and take a break!

Top break ideas to get recharged at work. Coffee. Commute to Office. Coffee. Email. Meeting. Coffee. Meeting. Lunch Meeting. Coffee. Email. Phone call. Meeting. Meeting. Commute Home. Email. Phone. TV. Sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar? If not, replace “Meeting” with your primary job function: Programming, customer support, etc. Regardless of what you’re doing throughout the day […]

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Stick to the Essentials

Let’s paint a picture of what happens to so many teams when trying to “have it all.” Considering our team at Markey, we’ve got bug reports that need to get squashed, feature requests we need to weigh, branding adjustments to make sure we’re true to who we are, marketing evaluations to get in front of […]

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